Ted Berg, President
Bergware Consulting LLC

In September of 2000 Ted Berg started Bergware Consulting LLC. One of Bergware Consulting's expertise is to provide Internet application services for e-commerce bookstores in the medical community. Bergware Consulting also specializes as technical consultants and software developers for business accounting applications in the medical and health science community for bookstores and wholesale distributors.

For 16 years, ending in 2000, Berg was VP of Information Systems for Login Brothers Book Company (LBBC), one of the largest wholesale distributors of medical books with four locations in the United States and affiliated locations in Canada and Brazil. In that capacity Berg spearheaded the custom software development of all aspects of Login Brothers business and communications software. With almost 50 years experience in the IT area, Berg has continued his previous software development and leadership roll performed with Login Brothers Book Company working with Login Canada.

Before joining LBBC in 1985, Berg was a partner in a software consulting firm specializing in business accounting software development for accountants, lawyers, and membership management organizations. In this capacity he developed an accounting client write up system, general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll systems that were installed in over 100 businesses.

In the membership management arena he developed a relational database system that allowed a membership management organization to manage multiple membership organizations.

After joining LBBC Berg was instrumental in the development and implementation of the Login Retail Bookstore System. This system provided inventory control along with a point of sale cash register interface system for health science bookstores. Soon after Berg developed the Login Point of Sale Cash Register System (POS) as a new generation of software to integrate with the Login Retail Bookstore System. In 1986, this POS system utilized a terminal, cash drawer, and receipt printer as individual components as is now done in modern POS systems. In 1990 this software was sold to a computer company in southern California with LBBC and Ted Berg retaining rights for future implementations. To date this POS software has been installed in over 3,000 terminals throughout North America.

In 1987 Berg developed a PC based ordering system utilizing the X12 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) guidelines. This was the first implementation of X12 EDI for the book industry in North America. During his tenure at LBBC Berg has provided leadership in the development and implementation of all systems at LBBC. This has included project management, system design, programming, and training.

In 1995 Berg, along with the assistance of consultants, developed one of the very first e-commerce sites on the Internet utilizing a client side cookie structure developed by MIT. This site utilized a real time interface into the LBBC back office system and dynamically created each page as necessary for delivery to a customer's web browser. This software was the basis for Bergware Consulting's current e-commerce web offering that now operates in multiple currencies and multiple languages.

In 1998 through 1999 Berg developed a warehouse management system utilizing radio frequency hand held computers to automate the LBBC warehouses. This WMS system was implemented at all Login Brothers US locations as well as the Login Canada locations in Winnipeg and Toronto and Ernesto Reichmann Distribuidora de Livros, Ltd. in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Berg has been actively involved in EDI for the book industry since 1990. He was the technical consultant of the Book Industry Standards and Communications (BISAC) Supply Chain EDI (SCEDI) committee from 1991 through 2005. In this capacity Berg was involved in all the X12 EDI standards developed for the book industry in North America along with being the editor of the US book industry X12 EDI guidelines for versions 3010 through 4010. In a consultative capacity, Berg has continued to work with Pubnet, the EDI/EC service for North America, as a technical consultant for interpretation of the X12 guidelines.

Berg is a member of the American Institute of Technology Professionals (AITP), the International Association of Web Masters & Designers (IAWMD) and has been recognized by the Who's Who on the Web. All of the web sites that Bergware Consulting has developed have won the coveted Golden Web award.

During the years 2000 and 2001, Berg managed the IT operations at Ernesto Reichmann Distribuidora de Livros, Ltd. located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Login Canada, located in Winnipeg and Toronto Canada. For the ongoing years of 2002 through 2010, Berg continued to manage the IT operations of Login Canada. In 2011, Berg accepted the position of Director of IT at Login Canada and has been managing their IT operations since. For an overview of Login Canada, please consider viewing their website at www.lb.ca. This web site was originally created from tools developed by Berg in the 1990's and has been continually enhanced to this day under Berg's tutelage.

This link takes you to a published article about Berg's development of the Login Brothers & Login Canada web sites.